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Uvas Frescas, Cosmética Ecológica certificada con uva

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Uvas Frescas is the first certified organic brand of natural cosmetics made from Bio Grapes

We only use organic and vegan ingredients of the highest quality

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Certified organic and vegan
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Bio grape, our main ingredient

The Organic Cosmetics Uvas Frescas bases its formulas on the Resveratrol of Bio Grape, one of the most powerful antioxidants that exists and helps to reduce and delay cellular aging of the skin.

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What is natural takes better care of us.
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Organic cultivation

Uvas Frescas is organically certified by ACENE, an association that applies stringent certification requirements in order to guarantee the use of only natural ingredients with strict control over product fabrication.

We don’t use oil derivatives, synthetic fragrances, silicone products, or chemical substances that harm people or the environment.

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We respect nature

Vegan cosmetics

Uvas Frescas employs vegetal ingredients as active ingredients from organic crops with zero trace of animal derivatives. Likewise, none of our products are tested on animals.

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We respect animals
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Packaging FSC

The packaging and the exhibitors of Uvas Frescas are made only with controlled logging wood and have FSC certification, which promotes the responsible management of forests.

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We take care of the air you breathe.

What is natural
takes better care of us

Certified Organic Cosmetics
Made from grapes



Nina Benito

Journalist specialized in organic cosmetics and Editor of Organics Magazine

The active oil at night of Uvas Frescas is a little treasure. The perfect formula which focuses on regenerative oils and is very rich in vitamin E and antioxidants reveals a nourished and illuminated skin. Its dry texture leaves a glossy sheen on your skin without a greasy sensation that makes it suitable for all types of skin and, in addition to being certified, it has 98.9% of organic ingredients! A Premium oil with a luxurious appearance.

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Andrea Martínez

Specialist of Organic Cosmetics and creator of Made in Tribe

The Cleaning Foam of Uvas Frescas is a secure success. I don’t get tired to recommend it to my clients because I know it is perfect for all types of skin. Its dense and delicate foam texture thoroughly cleans without drying out a bit. The product is more enjoyable to sensitive skins. Moreover, I love it as second of the double cleaning for the mixed or greasy skin. Its delicate aroma with a little citric finish seducing you forever.

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Araceli Nicolás

A journalist specialised in beauty

The anti-aging Uvas Frescas cream was a discovery. I like it because it hydrates my skin, yet, it doesn't leave a greasy feeling on your skin, thus your skin won’t be so shiny. It leaves your skin smooth and illuminated. 98.4% of the ingredients are organic, with ingredients like grape seed oil that holds antioxidant power. You can use this cream in the morning and before you rest in the evening.

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