The Amenities Collection is intended for hotels that share our philosophy of natural care and respect for the environment.

Laura Muga

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Colección clásica de Amenities ecológicos
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Organic Classic Collection
For Hotels | Accommodation

Uvas Frescas classic collection for hotels consists of four products: shower gel, soft shampoo, body cream, and natural soap, all made with grape oil and active antioxidants, derived from resveratrol, a natural cosmetic component that has been scientifically proven to, help to slow premature aging of the skin and fight against free radicals.

This line is certified by BDIH, is one of the most important organic certifiers in the world that guarantee that cosmetic components have an ecological production method, with an emphasis on those with biological origin

Furthermore, no product is tested on animals, or is made with petroleum products, synthetic perfumes, silicones, or any hazardous chemical substances to people and the environment.

Amenities ecológicos sólidos y sostenibles
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Solid and Sustainable Collection
For Hotels | Accommodation

The more sustainable and responsible Uvas Frescas non-liquid collection contributes to reducing impact on the environment by eliminating single-use plastics thanks to its cardboard packaging (FSC certified).

The complementary amenities line consists of shower gel, shampoo and bars of soap,enriched with natural ingredients that are both very good for the skin and 98% organic. Certified as Organic and Vegan by the CAAE, their components can be guaranteed as being of the highest quality.

Especially designed for hotels who share our philosophy of using natural products that respect the environment.

The active ingredients used in the production of the products come from the highest quality organic crops.

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What is natural
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Certified Organic Cosmetics
Made from grapes



Nina Benito

Periodista. Editora de Organics Magazine

The active oil at night of Uvas Frescas is a little treasure. The perfect formula which focuses on regenerative oils and is very rich in vitamin E and antioxidants reveals a nourished and illuminated skin. Its dry texture leaves a glossy sheen on your skin without a greasy sensation that makes it suitable for all types of skin and, in addition to being certified, it has 98.9% of organic ingredients! A Premium oil with a luxurious appearance.

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Andrea Martínez

Especialista en Cosmética Eco Creadora Made in Tribe

The Cleaning Foam of Uvas Frescas is a secure success. I don’t get tired to recommend it to my clients because I know it is perfect for all types of skin. Its dense and delicate foam texture thoroughly cleans without drying out a bit. The product is more enjoyable to sensitive skins. Moreover, I love it as second of the double cleaning for the mixed or greasy skin. Its delicate aroma with a little citric finish seducing you forever.

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Araceli Nicolás

A journalist specialised in beauty

The anti-aging Uvas Frescas cream was a discovery. I like it because it hydrates my skin, yet, it doesn't leave a greasy feeling on your skin, thus your skin won’t be so shiny. It leaves your skin smooth and illuminated. 98.4% of the ingredients are organic, with ingredients like grape seed oil that holds antioxidant power. You can use this cream in the morning and before you rest in the evening.

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