Facial serum illuminating



Facial serum illuminating

With organic grapes, grapefruit and mango

The illuminating Facial Serum contains Bio Grape Extract, an antioxidant that reaches the deeper layers of the skin to effectively reduce the signs of aging.

The formule of this serum has a strog blend of Red Grape Oil, recognized for its high level of antioxidants agents that helps skin to keep beautiful and young long time. Its texture adapts perfectly for all skin types. Also allows a pleasant use that keeps the skin smooth.

For all skin types.

Use: Apply a few drops both to clean face and neck at night.
Capacity: 40ml

Active ingredients

  • Pomelo

    Citrus Paradisi Peel Oil


    Rico en vitamina C ayuda a revitalizar la piel. Purifica y elimina impurezas favoreciendo la luminosidad y vitalidad de la piel.

  • Colágeno Marino Vegano

    Algae Extract


    Es una proteína vegetal que aporta grandes beneficios para el cuidado de la piel consiguiendo un aspecto más jugoso, más sano e hidratándola en profundidad. Favorece la elasticidad. La piel no sólo se muestra más suave y luminosa sino también mucho más tersa, ganando en firmeza.

  • Grape Extract

    Vitis vinífera leaf extract


    One of the main components of the Grape´s Extract is Resveratrol, that helps activating metabolism and stimulates blood circulation, so skin improves its natural elasticity and strength.Grape Seed Oil is a rich ingredient in Omega6 and E vitamin, and has nutritive, antioxidants and refreshing attributes. It nourishes driest skins intensively.

  • High density or high molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid

    Sodium hyaluronate


    It iss deposited on your skin without being absorbed. It’s hydrating effect is due to the thin film that is formed over your skin which prevents it from dehydration. It has a strong wrinkle-smoothing effect and the ability to retain an enormous amount of water.

  • Hyaluronic Acid of Low Density or Low Molecular Weight

    Hydrolized sodium hyaluronate


    It works from the deepest layers of your skin, helping retain water and smooth out small wrinkles and expression lines of your skin.

  • Aloe Vera

    Aloe barbadensis leaf juice


    Aloe Vera is an important cellular regenerator, healing, calming and toning active with a high level of skin penetration. When used regularly, it helps to delay the appearance of aging signs. It reduces the appearance of open pores.

Organic actives.

Complete your skin care routine

Limpiador exfoliante facial sólido

I learned to respect earth and vine from my parents who are winemakers. And through this project, I try to bring you a little closer to me and to my land by following the same pattern that my parents taught me

Laura Muga



Nina Benito

Journalist specialized in organic cosmetics and Editor of Organics Magazine

The active oil at night of Uvas Frescas is a little treasure. The perfect formula which focuses on regenerative oils and is very rich in vitamin E and antioxidants reveals a nourished and illuminated skin. Its dry texture leaves a glossy sheen on your skin without a greasy sensation that makes it suitable for all types of skin and, in addition to being certified, it has 98.9% of organic ingredients! A Premium oil with a luxurious appearance.


Andrea Martínez

Specialist of Organic Cosmetics and creator of Made in Tribe

The Cleaning Foam of Uvas Frescas is a secure success. I don’t get tired to recommend it to my clients because I know it is perfect for all types of skin. Its dense and delicate foam texture thoroughly cleans without drying out a bit. The product is more enjoyable to sensitive skins. Moreover, I love it as second of the double cleaning for the mixed or greasy skin. Its delicate aroma with a little citric finish seducing you forever.


Araceli Nicolás

A journalist specialised in beauty

The anti-aging Uvas Frescas cream was a discovery. I like it because it hydrates my skin, yet, it doesn't leave a greasy feeling on your skin, thus your skin won’t be so shiny. It leaves your skin smooth and illuminated. 98.4% of the ingredients are organic, with ingredients like grape seed oil that holds antioxidant power. You can use this cream in the morning and before you rest in the evening.

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